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A new era in prospecting
Finally, a complete system to collect, expose and follow up with your prospects. Prospect by LegalShield is a revolutionary way to leverage the high touch of networking with the high tech of internet marketing. Welcome to a new era in prospecting.

Easy, mobile app flexibility
Quickly and easily enter your contacts on your iPhone or Android wherever you are. Never misplace a contact again!

Automated Follow Up
Prospect by LegalShield will automatically follow up with your prospects and invite them to view relevant resources that will expose them to our company professionally and conveniently. All follow up is automated to come personally from you.

Personalized Exposure pages
Your prospects will be sent to web pages and videos with your contact information and a contact form right on the page. It's even framed inside a personalized website with a welcome message directly from you.

A huge library of resources
Text or email any of over 100 digital resources like videos, pdf's, audio files (and more!) instantly right from the Prospect by LegalShield App.

Rewards and accountability
Track your progress with the Prospect by LegalShield Rewards feature. You'll know on the spot how many contacts have been entered and how many have opted-in to a campaign.

Building a team is easy
When new associates see how convenient and easy it is to spread the word about LegalShield using the Prospect by LegalShield App, your business will explode!
Your first 30 days are free!
After your 30 Day free trial, Prospect by LegalShield will be included with your LegalShield Advantage Membership.